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Anticorrosive processing of metal constructions and tanks
Design activity
Concrete and metal protection
Damp course
Design activity
Concrete and metal protection
Damp course
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Design activity

Within the limits of the allowed licensed activity, having thus necessary level of technical equipment and sufficient qualification of staff, the "Raduga" carries out fulfilment of following functions of the customer-builder:

  • Reception and registration of basic data for designing of construction projects (reservation of ground areas, feasibility reports, the commercial specification on joining of engineering communications, the building passport).
  • Building preparation on designing.
  • Technical support of a design stage (the control over designing estimates working out, its coordination when due hereunder, transfer to examination bodies, on the assertion and the contract organisation).
  • Registration of the allowing documentation on building and reconstruction, the control over periods of validity of the issued commercial specification on joining of engineering communications
  • Maintenance of refinement of territory of building (resettlement of citizens, a conclusion of the organisations from the structures which are coming under to a pulling down or reconstruction, the decision of other questions connected with preparation of platforms for production of works).

  • The organization of management of building.

  • Technical supervision.

  • Activity on installation of stationary shops on refinement and colouring metal constructions and a rolling stock with preliminary designing.

  • Issue of experts' reports as a result previously made inspection of building designs, and also designing of strengthening of building designs.

  • Working out of projects of anticorrosive protection metal, iron-concrete, concrete designs, and also hydraulic work.

  • Manufacturing and realisation of design projects of a colour score of interiors of industrial and urban objects.