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Anticorrosive processing of metal constructions and tanks
Design activity
Concrete and metal protection
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Design activity
Concrete and metal protection
Damp course
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Policy of the company

"Raduga" becomes aware of all importance of the given kinds of activity and is constantly anxious for the efficiency of management by the company for: 
• improvements of quality of manufactured production;
• perfection of control system by preservation of the environment and health;
• increases of professional safety;

Policy in the field of quality

Top management of the "Raduga" declares a main objective of our company in the field of quality is bringing to conformity with requests and expectations of our clients. 
The high qualified level of our experts, perfection of control system of quality management allow us to develop new and to modernize existing engineering procedures.

Strategy of achievement of goal:

• strict conformity of represented services to the international, national both corporate standards and requests;
• the control over maintenance of quality of represented services at all stages of their life cycle, the regulated responsibility of all staff for quality.
• an individual approach to the Client;
• consultations for clients at a choice of the most successful decision;
• an openness before the Client – granting to clients of access to the information on quality of services consumed by them.
• ecological safety of production;
• constant perfection of professional qualities and skills of workers;
• acceptance of administrative decisions on the basis of the analysis of the data and the information on operation of the company;
• formation of image of the company, as hi-tech and rendering service of a choice quality.

Policy in the field of preservation of the environment

Activity of the "Raduga" on protection of buildings and structures against corrosion promotes savings of the natural resources which are on our planet. However besides beneficial influence our productive activity renders also negative influence on surrounding the environment. Realising it, we give a great attention to rational resource exploitation and decrease in collateral influence of our activity on environment. 

For achievement of goal in view we build the activity from following priorities:

• fulfilment of requests of the legislation in the field of environment protection;
• decrease in negative influence on a state of environment by introduction of engineering procedures, technologies, the equipment and materials with allowance for modern requests, norms and rules in the field of preservation of the environment; 
• realisation of constant monitoring, internal ecological audits for an estimation of indicators and degree of effect of the enterprise on environment;
• personnel training in the field of preservation of the environment, formation of ecological culture of staff.

Policy in the field of professional safety and a labour protection 

Safety and health protection of staff is a strategic aim of our company. We aspire to do the work in our company was safe. For achievement this goal the management of the "Raduga" undertakes:

• to fulfil requests the legislation in the field of a labour protection and industrial safety of the Russian Federation;
• to ensure the safe working conditions corresponding to established requests;
• to develop and introduce actions for improvement of working conditions of the staff;
• to improve quality of the medical services directed on invigoration of the staff;
• to ensure continuous training and improvement of professional skill of the staff in the field of management of professional safety and a labour protection, to form culture of safety.
For realisation of the purposes, and also constant perfection of an integrated system of management, management the "Raduga" enters into a commitment: 

• to be guided by the present Policy at decision-making and to grant the necessary resources required for realisation of Policy;
• to ensure finishing of the Policy to staff and creation at the enterprise of the conditions promoting involving in process of constant improvement in the field of quality, preservation of the environment and professional safety and a labour protection.