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Concrete and metal protection
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Design activity
Concrete and metal protection
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Concrete and metal protection

Our company renders service on concrete protection. It includes three basic stages:

1. Refinement. For refinement the special concentrated surface-active means are used. Cultivation degree depends on character and intensity of pollution. The liquid is put by dispersion, and after processing by a brush the surface is thoroughly washed out by water under pressure.

2. Priming. Before the subsequent protection it is necessary to apply to priming of cleared, washed out, slightly damp concrete surfaces special epoxy the first coats having high adhesion to the damp concrete basis. The density and level of adhesive durability of such first coats, high opposition to a separation keep remained in deep layers of concrete the rests of oils, without allowing them to leave on a surface. Such first coats are irreplaceable and in the conditions of external influence of ground waters.

3. Protection. Epoxy compositions offers the stability to oils, combustive-lubricating materials and other petroleum. For application as rolled covers for concrete surfaces can be recommended epoxy systems with a corresponding complex physicomechanical and chemical properties: high durability on compression and a stretching at a bend, firmness to abrasion, shock durability and stability to a great number of excited environments.

To chemical protection of metal surfaces should be applied special epoxy the first coats adapted for properties of metal, stable against given excited environments.

Concrete corrosion is an aggravation of characteristics and properties of concrete as a result of washing away or leaching from it soluble constituents, formation of products of the corrosion which does not have knitting properties, accumulation of slightly soluble the crystallising salts increasing volume of its firm phase. 
The most serious problem is influence of the atmospheric & chemical factor — effect of aggressive substances of atmosphere (carbonates, sulphates, chlorides), and also frequent cycles of frosts-thawing. 
Construction materials on a mineral basis are capillary-porous. As a result of aggressive atmospheric effect in porous structure the crystals which growth leads to occurrence of cracks are formed. As result of effect of water, salts and carbon dioxide

The choice of a protection system of concrete from corrosion is advanced by service conditions of building designs and a kind of a protected material.

Research-and-production association "Raduga" offers you all necessary materials for protection of concrete against corrosion.

For anticorrosive protection of concrete and increase of durability of concrete it is necessary to execute design requirements and to apply primary protection (by introduction of various modifying additives), and also secondary protection with drawing on a surface of designs of various sheetings.

Applying methods of secondary protection of concrete from corrosion on a surface put:

1) condensing impregnations which are applied at periodic humidifying by water or an atmospheric precipitation, at action of liquid environments, and also as processing of a surface before drawing of paint and varnish covers;
2) paint and varnish covers which are applied at effect of gaseous and firm environments;
3) paint and varnish mastic covers which are applied at effect of liquid environments, at direct contact of a cover to a firm excited environment;
4) sized covers which are applied at effect of liquid environments, in soil, as an impenetrable intermediate layer in facing covers;
5) biocide materials which are applied at effect of bacteria, mushrooms, microorganisms.

The purpose of application of sheetings is anticorrosive protection of concrete, prevention of distribution of corrosion, prevention of penetration of a moisture in concrete and giving of a surface of an aesthetic kind. 

Having called or having written to us, you can always receive consultations of our experts concerning selection of materials and a choice of system of protection of concrete from corrosion